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Tailor-made raw materials or complete rods from our material warehouse

We offer a versatile material warehouse with an extensive selection of different metal rods and plastics. The material can be obtained either as whole rods or cut to the desired length.

We buy large batches of material for our warehouse, which also affects the price. This is an advantage for everyone, but especially for customers who only need small amounts of material. By taking the material from us, you get what you need quickly and for good price.

The service is primarily aimed at corporate customers, and the material ordered can be used for many different purposes. Our rod materials stock includes various types of steels and grades of stainless steel as well as a number of different plastics. The range of plastics includes POM, PET and PVC grades. The materials are ordered from large, well-known suppliers who have quality controls in place. Ordered materials are available with a material certificate if you so wish.

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How to order materials

Get in touch by calling in or sending a request by email. We will quickly check the stock status and confirm a possible order. The material is delivered as complete rods or custom-made. Our staff can quickly saw the material, and the delivery time is confirmed at the time of ordering. We pack and prepare the material for collection and, if needed, we arrange the shipping for you.

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We stock the following qualities in a number of different diameters. If the desired size is not in stock, we will obtain it.

• Ovako 550 S355JR
• Ovako 520 S355J2
• Moc210 25CrMoS4
• Moc410 42CrMoS4
• Imacro M
• Aisi304 (1,4301)
• Aisi316 (1,4401)
• Aisi329 (1,4460)
• POM (white and black)
• PET (white)
• PVC (black)


Quality sawing guarantees precise tolerances

Our CNC-controlled quality saws saw precisely, with accurance one-tent of a millimeter for the desired length. This reduces material costs, as the customer does not have to pay for waste. Straight and careful sawing also facilitates the further processing of the part. It is easier to manage, the end result is good, and processing time is reduced.

Call us for more information about materials or send an inquiry, and we will answer and expedite you quickly!