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Protect and extend the life of the parts with the right surface treatment

We offer a versatile and comprehensive range of surface treatments and hardening via our partnership network. We work with several different subcontractors, who are carefully selected to meet our own and our customers' requirements for quality and delivery assurance. Decades of cooperation facilitate the work and guarantee good quality. 

We can offer finished, surface-treated or hardened parts if you so wish. You do not need to contact several different suppliers, which speeds up and simplifies your work. 

Below you will find some of the most common surface treatments we offer. We can also offer other solutions - ask, and we'll solve it! Here is our contact information.


Cleaning of stainless steel parts of dirt and impurities.


Painting of various parts or welded constructions. Wet and powder painting. Protects against rust and other external stresses. The desired colour of the part can be chosen from our colour code.


Inexpensive rust protection of parts. Silver, yellow electrogalvanization.


Creates a protective surface against corrosion and wear, and makes the surface harder. Natural coloured or black.


Affordable way to protect parts made of steel. 


If there are curing requirements on the drawings, we can also provide this through our subcontractors.