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Quick grooving with CNC-controlled groove machine

For parts that need grooves, we offer keyseating with CNC-controlled keyseating machine. Examples of parts we process include gears, flanges and propellers. The machine makes 3 mm - 70 mm wide grooves with uniform quality and exact tolerances as regard the depth and width of the grooves.

Using the machine NC-controlled dividing tables, it is possible to make several keyways on the same flange. The table allows the spacing of the grooves to be smoother than if they are done manually by turning.


Splines require special tools

The machine makes it possible to also make grooves in conical holes, bottom holes and splines. Special tools are required to make splines and bottom holes, which is why the delivery time for these is slightly longer than in the case for normal grooves through holes.

We deliver ordinary groove drawing work with a short delivery time and accept both individual work and serial jobs. Contact us!

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Machine: Christian Gierth

  • keyway width 3 mm - 70 mm
  • machine cutting length 350 mm
  • asymmetrical division is possible by programming each track separately
  • tapered bores, bottom bores and splines are possible with special tools